The parts are modelled for efficiency and realism, displaying correctly in technical drawings, BOMs, callouts and photo-realistic renderings. PhotoView360TM materials are assigned for the creation of impressive visuals. Mass-properties, hatch patterns and RealViewTM materials are also programmed.

  • Biggest range of Australian metric parts
  • All threads defined
  • Standard Microsoft® Windows installation
  • Accessed through the SolidWorks interface
  • Correct representation in 3D and in 2D
  • BOM, Callout and Weldment Cut-List names
  • Engineering reference data included
  • Engineering material-properties assigned
  • PhotoView360 materials assigned
  • SmartMates for drag and drop
  • Fully customisable
  • Updated with every SolidWorks release
  • Low cost upgrades
  • Consistent naming conventions
  • Modelled accurately and robustly
  • Minimum file size and memory footprint

BALL’N ROLLER BEARINGS are listed by number and size in the parts list (BOM) and display correctly when sectioned in technical drawings. Abutment dimensions, limiting speeds and forces are included in each of the more than 7000 part configurations. Keys, seals and rod-ends are included for added convenience.

NUTS’N BOLTS includes 45 metric bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins and clips in more than 2000 commercially available sizes. Threads are represented as SolidWorks cosmetic-threads for accurate 2D documentation. Also includes more than 1800 PSM® plastic and light alloy screws, plus Eurosert® ‘riv-nuts’.
Pop-rivet shanks show the right length for the material thickness.

SHEETMETAL FASTENERS contain more than 400 Library Features with full thread and part call-outs. Includes PS, PF, PFH, PTSO, PBSO,TR, ARB, ARBSO, MINIARB, MINI-OFF and many more.

CHANNELS’N BEAMS contains all OneSteel® and Tubemakers® hot-rolled and cold-formed profiles as individual part-files and as Weldment Features. Weldment cut lists show full names e.g. “CHS 60.3 x 2.9 C350L0 Ultrapipe”

TAP’N CLEAR is a collection of more than 170 metric holes from M1.6 to M36. It features blind and through-tapped holes, pluse clearance holes including countersunk and counterbored, in close, medium and free tolerances.