IDEAL PARTS™ – Installation

A standard Windows® installer places the library files into a default or custom location. The library can be installed on a workstation or a server. The purchased number of Ideal Parts licenses must match the number of SolidWorks seats.



SolidWorks has to be instructed where to find Ideal Parts after installation. This tutorial shows how to make the library accessible through the Design Library, while Weldments has a separate setup procedure.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Upgrade from CD-ROM

This video explains how to upgrade your CD-ROM version of Ideal Parts using our new online system. It’s simple, easy and fast.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Using Fasteners

This tutorial shows how to drag, drop and mate fasteners into location, how to select sizes and change them later.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Using Ball and Roller Bearings

Selecting and installing bearings and setting them up for best sectional view display in technical drawings.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Weldments and Cut-Lists

Ideal Parts’ channels and beams integrate perfectly with SolidWorks’ weldment feature. This tutorial shows how to insert a weldment, trim it, and create a cut-list.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Sheetmetal Fasteners

This tutorial shows the selection and positioning of sheetmetal press-fitted PSM© fasteners using dimensions, locating sketches and sketch driven patterns.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Pop-Rivets

Pop rivets shanks can fit a range of material thicknesses. Ideal Parts pop rivets have lines modeled on the shank, showing if the selected part is the right length.


IDEAL PARTS™ – Customising Part Descriptions

All Ideal Parts can have their descriptions, part numbers and all their other properties customised. This tutorial shows how to modify the Design Tables using Microsoft® Excel.